Boost your social media


Description of the training

The “How to become a friend of the algorithm” training course guides us into the world of social networks. The goal is to understand in a practical and theoretical way how the algorithm of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube works. The provision of tools and tips to work on the aesthetics of publications, as well as all the ways to boost your social media. Finally, these golden keys are given in a Luxembourg geographical context where the questions are more and more frequent: In which language should I make my content? At what time should I publish in Luxembourg? How to interact with an audience from the Grand Duchy? What type of social media should I use for my professional activity ? Etc. 

The training also exists in an international context. This means for people living outside of the Grand-Duchy. 


• Know the algorithm of social networks
• How to boost your social media as an individual or a company
• Psychologically speaking: learn to create hooks on images and/or videos
• avoid frequent mistakes

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